I just need to be blunt about this. Yes, life is about finding someone to spend it with but that’s not all life is about. Why is it that, a lot of writers pieces that I’ve been reading lately are about “how to” get your ex back, or “how to get make him fall in love with you”. Unless I am not looking in all the places, recently not a lot of people are talking about how to enjoy singleness. Yes, they talk about being alone, or even lonely if you want to go down that road but I’m talking about singleness strictly. Not in a “it’s complicated or friends with benefits, single as eating dinner for 1.

After reading that first paragraph you’re probably thinking, “yeah, this girl is definitely single.” You know what, that’s totally fine with me. Granted, this the Twenty-First century and our world has very different views on relationships these, however, chivalry is NOT dead. Call me old fashion.

I don’t want a “how to” book or blog to tell me what to do to find a relationship. It’s cliché because it is TRUE, that things happen when you least expect it. Have you ever heard of anything forced work out brilliantly… I haven’t. It’s like you’re in pool of sharp rocks with waves crashing on top of you, it’s going to be hell if it’s forced, it won’t work the way you want because it did not happen naturally. When you’re in an unhealthy relationship or relationship for that matter and never had a chance to experience the single life you are only hurting yourself later on and or in this present moment.

When you have that alone time; when you’re single, you get to learn so much about yourself, what you want in a significant other and so much about your own character. Not to mention, you get to do whatever you want, when you want and how late you want. If you don’t experience that how are you going to know how to handle being alone when you’re partner is busy for a couple of hours, days or heck even weeks. How are you going to handle not having your phone buzzing twenty-four-seven, how are you going to handle finding directions by yourself or even putting that necklace on for all my ladies out there. How?

I know it may look cute in the photos and from what they preach to you but honestly at the end of the day, don’t you like just spreading wide on your bed, alone without anyone else being there crowding your space? Of course I want that later on but right now, in my singleness I have so much to mature on, work on and learn on for myself. During your single years, being selfish is ok because you only have yourself to worry about. Stop worrying about how to get your ex back, they’re an ex for a reason. Stop forcing something that should not be forced if you want a lifetime commitment. Let nature take it’s course and if it’s meant to be. Embrace your single years; you never know if you’ll ever have that opportunity again.




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