Let’s just jump right into what I have to say. Today, I saw something on the Internet about what’s going on the Middle East, specifically speaking about Israel. I think to myself, oh no, seriously again? It’s hard keeping up with the world’s news because in Oz you don’t hear too much about what’s going on around the world. You have to actually look for it. Pretty sad I think.


As I read that, I remember when I was about 16 my mom mentioned to me about the end times, I will not forget this one specific part about how she mentioned that Israel needed to be literally wiped off the face of the earth basically. That scared me a whole lot, which then led me to shy away from ever reading the book of Revelation and almost getting deeper into my faith with God because I was literally scared to death. After reading that headline today about Israel, I became oh so curious to know about the end times and what will happen. I have two things to say to that. 1. Get up and preach the gospel people. Everyone needs to hear about Jesus, if not… I’ll let you read Revelation to find out for yourself. But please, we all have a voice and we need to use it in some way, it will literally save lives.

My second answer to that statement is do not be afraid. I know my last sentence may have come across as a jaws horror film background music, that’s not my intention though. I have a hard time with trust. I said before, while being out here I’ve doubted God Himself, my faith, my beliefs, who I am, literally everything. It struck me in this moment while reading parts of Revelation. I don’t need to be afraid, I am going to trust in God that when I asked Jesus to be my savior and was baptized that, that really happened and not allow the enemy to kill joy that moment.

I am going to trust that I really am saved, I am going to trust that when judgment day comes, I have nothing to fear because we are called to seek Him daily and take up our cross daily and as long as I am striving to be more like Christ, then what’s there to worry about? It all comes down to trust. It’s so hard to do that though, let me be the first to tell you if you do not know. Being in this world we have instant gratification but with Jesus, He’s not like that. He repeats Himself over and over, in the bible to walk by FAITH not by sight. In this world we can make things happen quick; Internet, TV, calling, food, etc. With Jesus though, it’s all about HIS timing because He is the creator of all THINGS. He knows what we need when we need it, He knows how we need it and why we need it. It is in HIS timing though, not ours, not our instant gratification right here right now timing. Thus, trusting in God in everything and guarding our hearts from this world is so significant.

I have noticed over time I do have a high bar for myself, I do feel like I should be feeling something, maybe happier or more joyful in certain specific moments but I don’t and I haven’t for awhile, however, feelings come and go but Jesus remains forever. If you can’t feel Jesus anymore, do you think He is gone or is He still right by your side, carrying you? TRUST TRUST TRUST TRUST!!! We are called to be obedient to Christ, since He did promise us that He will never leave us nor forsake us and that He does not lie and His word is true, it just comes down to trusting that at the end of the day, no matter the feelings you have, the emotions, or the doubtful thoughts, trust that you are right with God and that He is your one and only savior. He is a forever-gracious God and even faith small as mustard is good enough for Him. He’s mine forever and ever and I want everyone to have this so we can celebrate for eternity with the big Sovereign King right by our side. Here’s the thing to remember, God is so incredibly complex there is no way for our brains to handle that much knowledge or thought which then requires to have FAITH. That right there, is a moment of putting your FAITH and TRUST into the unknown. It’s extremely scary and ominous but for all the right reasons. It’s confusing because our brains and during this day in age we need an answer for everything but I think in a way that makes it that much more intriguing to want to do something because you don’t know the outcome, you can only trust it will be good.

Having been in the position of doubt, fear, all the above emotions on that side of the bridge it made me realize and remember that since Jesus Christ died on that cross and shed His blood for our sins because he LOVES us that much, we are saved from sin and being trapped into those negative mind-boggling feelings. We are free with Jesus and can obtain that for eternity, being a follower of Christ. Forget what the others have told you, forget what the church may have done to you, and forget all that. Just start from the beginning and try to understand whom God is and what He does from a child-like perspective. Stop putting up roadblocks. If you want something bad enough it will happen. It won’t take a day or a week, because getting to where you are now did not take a day or a week, right?




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