Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived and that means SALES ARE HAPPENING.


  • Fringe top: Zara $49.95

I found this top that matched a skirt I bought a few weeks ago. These two pieces are very versatile ( if you know me, Im weak in the knees for versatility.) They are suede material. You can dress an outfit up or down being that specific of a material. VERSATILE IS KEY for that minimalistic look. When your paying the prices you are at Zara, you sure as heck better wear that item more than once! For now though, I am very satisfied with my first matching top and bottom outfit, without even meaning for that to happen.

IMG_4419_2 IMG_4418


  • High waisted bottoms: CottonOn $19.95
  • Halter Mesh top: CottonOn $29.95

I’ve been in need for flattering swimwear. I do enjoy more coverage because if not… it all falls out and we don’t need that happening now. For all my girls with a bigger bust, halter tops are your best friends. With high waisted bottoms, I never was a fan but for some reason this type of cut looked flattering and added length to my petite figure, go figure! For those who are apart of the short legs club, elongate those babies with wearing high waisted bottoms, it does wonder to your figure. It ties it together with an elegant chic look. That’s hard to achieve when you’re drenched in water and sand all over that bod. Not anymore (: CottonOn has yet to disappoint me. If you are big into “whats trending” the 90’s are back with a modern twist. This is a perfect 90’s modernized swimwear look.



  • Cobalt point tie flats: CottonOn $15

Cobalt blue is my favourite colour. Ironically though, I only like to have a few pieces in that colour because I do not want to overdue it and have it be too obnoxious. It’s such a statement piece colour and can be worn with just about any colour, (versatile!!) I’ve been searching high and low for cobalt blue shoes and BAM, CottonOn had them for me. Not to mention they were on sale for $15, JACKPOT. The brand is actually Rubi shoes but they are seller for CottonOn. I have not purchased Rubie shoes before… but from first impressions they look sturdy and I just couldn’t resist. It’s always a good idea to have “that” pair of shoes that can be worn with almost any outfit, because you never know what could happen to the ones you are wearing now, you may need an extra hand. Or in this case, a pair of shoes. 



  • Body Jewelry: Lovisa $5

I have been contemplating whether or not to purchase a piece of jewelry like this. After waiting, which I am so glad I did because I saved about $40. This piece was on sale for $5, so in the savvy shopping book I had to purchase it. I realized these are great for dressing up those plain T’s or even accessorizing your swimmers. Adorable?? YES! This provides you a gypsy, boho look and that’s perfect for when you’re at the beach or having a relaxing day in your favorite V-neck. You can have this showing or worn underneath your clothes. Lovisa has really good quality for jewelry that will last awhile and the prices are unbeatable. Usually if they are on the lower end of price, the quality is bad. However, in this case Lovisa has it right and I would recommend this to anyone who is in need of jewelry but does not want to spend an arm and a leg on something delicate like this.


Rings: Lovisa 

  • 3 small rings: 3,$10
  • Silver cuff: $7
  • Black cuff: $5

Again, Lovisa has great prices for great quality. During the spring and summer you usually do show your arms, thus adding accessories can really dress your outfit up even if you’re wearing the most plain T-dress. Accessories are such key when wanting to add some extra something to your outfit. It can transform simplicity into loud or even be simple, depending on the amount of accessories you like to have. I go through seasons of wearing jewelry but right now, as you can see, bracelets and rings are my FAVOURITE at the moment. With bold jewelry you only need to wear one or two pieces, which in my case is amazing because I think something so simple can be so dramatic at the same time. Balance is not necessarily key for fashion but you do need to be careful and not clash so much together or else you will not know where to look when you have that outfit put together. Less is more! 

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