Seven Deadly Skins

In the business labeling industry, packaging is everything. I tend to buy things because of what they look like and of course the quality as well. Items that are engaging, spark my interest and make me want to purchase them that much more. Kudos to them! I decided it’s way too expensive to be having my family ship products to me, so I sucked it up and am purchase body scrub that breaks my bank, EXCEPT for this amazing one I recently found at BIG W. This scrub caught my attention by its colour and the title of the body scrub itself. Seven Deadly Skins, how funny is that? I found it quite comical actually. The smell was incredible, which always needs to be a must in my book. After my first time using it, my skin felt so replenished. It has a spearmint cooling sensation after it’s applied, even though it is melon scented, thus causing instant relaxation for me. The smell is also refreshing too. This particular body scrub has a consistently of watery thickness, however there’s little beads that are mixed in as well and that keeps it from being too wet-like. I thoroughly enjoyed this body scrub overall and the best part it was only $9.

Here’s to happy healthy skin (:

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