You Call Yourself A Christian…

I cannot express to you my frustration towards others and when they make accusations about certian behavior. I recently had a personal incident of someone expressing that “ if I call myself a Christian then why do I act the way you do”. I can’t express the frustration, the hurt, the bitterness the anger when someone tells me this. WHAT DOES MY RELIGION HAVE TO DO WITH MY ACTIONS? Please, please inform in where it says in the bible that it says, “Christians are perfect”. Here’s one thing I do know. I am forgiven by my “bad behavior” I serve an unconditional God who will forgive no matter what. It also comes down to repenting and understanding. If I am standing my ground and holding my boundaries for the respect of myself, that should have nothing to do with religion or what my beliefs are, that’s just simple respect for myself.

You just had sex and you call yourself an atheist…

You just name called that person and you call yourself Mormon…

You just yelled at me and you call yourself a Christian…

See what I mean… why are the Christians always singled out?

I understand and I know that in the bible it says to glorify the God in everything we do(1 Corinthians 10:31). However, did you also know that being Christian or being a believer does not mean we’re aliens, does not mean we are not human… it simply means we too are human, just like you and everyone else. The only difference is that we are a child of God through faith (Galatians 3:26). Hear me out though, that last statement should not be a “ oh look at me, I’m better than you” I want to get across that WE ARE ALL CALLED TO BE ONE through faith through Christ Jesus. How cool is that? As John 14:6 expresses “I am the way the truth the life. No one can come through the Father except through me.”

You can be a follower of Christ and extend the grace that you know to give when someone bashes you with a inapposite comment. You can still love someone even though they treated you like dirt. You can still show them love even if you don’t want too because in order to know how to love you need to be loved, in order know grace you need to be shown grace and the only way to know true genuine love and grace is by the man who not only died on the cross for us because He loves you THAT much. His name is the Highest name of all, Jesus Christ.

Here’s another question. Why is it when bad behavior happens to people who claim to be Christian, why do you always think they are the “perfect ones.” Why don’t people bash atheism? Scientology? Buddhism? Catholicism? Mormon? In a way I am asking this rhetorically but why is Christianity always that one that everyone criticizes the most? Why is it the one with the bad taste in its mouth? Before you play the religion card when you’re angry, bitter or upset at someone you should know what the characteristics are of someone’s beliefs before making that statement. One more question, why do we need to bash religions anyway? Is it because you know you’ll get a rise out of someone? Why?
With being a believer we are called to take up our cross daily (Ephesians 6:17-Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God). Because when those comments come flying back we know we have the strength from scripture to ricochet those comments and stand strong.

How about before stating another comment about someone’s religion and how their behavior does not match up to their religion, please understand that yes, even though being followers of Christ may come with a lot, try to see it from a different perspective; we’re all sinners, we’re all living in the same broken world and we all will make mistakes too.

Food for thought (:




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