Are You…?

The truth. No one wants to heart it. I’ve ran away from the truth and we’ve all ran away from truth at some point in our life. What specific truth I am talking about is Jesus Christ being The One and only Lord and Savior. Today, I was actually speaking to a random man about this particular topic and we continued this topic at a local café and as we went to go sit down the lady next to us let me add, she was already sitting down before we got there but a few minutes into the conversation Calvin and I were sharing, she got up, grabbed her drink and went to the other side of the room to sit. Maybe she was hot from the sun so I could be assuming that’s why she got up however, I have a feeling it was because she didn’t want to hear what we were conversing about. That is totally ok, I understand she maybe uncomfortable, that’s all right. When the time is right she might not get up the next time but actually involve herself in that conversation instead. Or the sun could have really been too hot for her but she sat in another sunny place… so who really knows.

From having this conversation with this random man today, I’ve concluded that I want people to hear the truth so bad. I want people to go to heaven so they can have eternal life because the more the merrier. Actually, going to heaven you can experience the opposite of what you’re experiencing now. Think of perfection, think of that perfect “place”, that perfect “person” but multiple that by infinity by infinity, that’s just a guesstimate though I’m probably off by infinity though, I am assuming that’s what heaven could maybe be like? No hurt, no tears, no pain, no arguing, no abuse, no rape, no manipulating, NO SIN. Our minds can’t even believe or think of a place like that astonishing because it’s beyond our minds capacity. That’s why we walk by faith not by sight. 

I then, ask this question, why would you want to run from knowing that, hearing that or even being able to experience that? Why would you want to run away from that kind of truth? Are you afraid maybe of believing there could very possibly be a place like that, that there could be someone who wants that for you and loves you so unconditionally that He sent His only son to take away ALL our sins so we can spend eternity with Him. Are you afraid of that? Does it make you uncomfortable? So uncomfortable you’ve shut any type of interaction of the church and or believers because you’re afraid of hearing the real hardcore truth? Why? Why destroy that opportunity? Why avoid such a beautiful concept that could be literally life saving. I say this because I’ve been here and my pride was bigger than what I was wanting to admit at the time.

You know that saying, if you know the truth, the truth will set you free. Well Jesus is the Truth and He will set you free and by free I mean break those chains for you, no, not will, He WANTS to break those chains, He wants to transform your life, He wants to mend that broken heart or that bitter taste of what “Christianity” is suppose to be. He wants to make you new, He wants you to want Him just for the sake of wanting Him. He wants to spend ETERNITY with YOU. He wanted to show how much He loves you by sacrificing Himself for everyone on this planet. That’s a whole lot of love for a whole lot of people.

So I ask this question again, are you afraid? Are you uncomfortable? Are you scared? Are you nervous? Are you hurt? Are you angry at the truth? Here’s a challenge for you. I know in this day in age people do not like to be challenged but I am here to challenge you because people need to know how to really think again. I am saying this all with love and grace and a smirk on my face, unfortunate that typing cannot show it but trust me, what I say is all with love and a big smile on my face. Why don’t you try to hear the next person out who asks about your faith or asks you what your beliefs are. Why don’t you give that next person your time of day and just really go beyond surface level and actually ask challenging questions. Why don’t you just swallow that pride for once and just try it. I know it may have been hurtful before; it may have made you so angry you punched a tree stump, but please. All I ask is try it again. You never know, it could be a life saving conversation.

Then, if that happens it becomes a ripple effect and it you can look back and realize it all started with that one time, with that one person and that one conversation you had with that one person. Stop putting roadblocks up of it being inconvenient, you don’t have time or you’ve been burned before. Have a go and just embrace that time and that person asking those questions because at the end of the day, all they want to do is make heaven more crowded!!




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