Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle


Summer is approaching here in Australia. However, living on the Gold Coast it’s summer here 24/7 in my opinion. With summer comes loud obnoxious clothes that look like flowers and patterns spewed all over the material. (not a bad thing) Summer time is when loud fashion comes to life. You can mix match patterns and wear as much colour as you want because who follows the rules these days? The three-must-haves in your summer closet should be a fun playsuit for when you want to frolic around and not worry about seeing whats under there while you’re grooving away at those summer dance parties. A maxi dress for those cool summer nights, not needing pants and if you forgot to shave then you’re in luck, your maxi dress has you covered; literally. Then, last but not least, a pair of good quality statement sandals that scream FUN.

Everything I purchased is within reason. It is always a good idea to go in with a budget. It’s helpful, so that way you have a mental note of how much you’re wanting to spending and if need be to go over, you can weigh your pros and cons or find something else less expensive.

My N&C playsuit is on the pricier side however, I’ve never bought from them but the quality seemed to be worth the price. My maxi dress was a killer price. I don’t find too many maxi dresses that fit me length wise because being more petite I need to tailor or just suffer, but with this dress it fits me perfectly. (Secret: if you are on the petite side wearing maxi dresses will lengthen your body structure and give that “tall” illusion.) Not only did this price stick out at me, but the colour of these shoes were stunning. I have never really seen mustard velcro sandals before, and being in sale with my size I could not pass these babies up. If ever in need of a pop of colour or something to spice your look up besides accessories I would recommend buying colourful loud shoes, that always does the trick for me.

  • Strapless playsuit: NOUGHTS & CROSSES aus. Size 8. $39-


  • Strapless maxi dress: Emerson (Target) aus. Size 8. $25-


  • Mustard velcro sandals: Novo aus. Size 5. $10-


Happy Summer!




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