I’ve been planning to head down to Sydney for about a two weeks, but let’s still say it’s a spontaneous decision, deal? My sister has the sweetest friend who is letting me stay at her place for the weekend and crash on her plans, awesome right? I have not done a little getaway trip since arriving here in Australia, so this is a first! Granted, it’s only a weekend but I am packing like it’s a week… fashion probz.The weather has been so up and down lately which leads me to pack extra outfits just in case. It’s better to be safe than sorry, most of the time that is. Future flyers to Sydney: If you ever want to fly down to Sydney never fly when it is the most busiest weekend of the year, aka Football weekend because flights are out of the WAZOO, I learned that the hard way! My style for the weekend would be considered more casual and comfy because majority of the time it will be humid and I just want to be comfy and looking stylish while dropping drips of sweat. I am wearing basic jewelry, that will be posted on my Instagram but it’s just an every day simple wear since these outfits can deal without needing too much jewelry. If you want further information of what accessories I used, head on over to my Insta if you’d like! Link is on my drop down bar and or posted at the end of this blog. Enjoy (:

 Look #1 

Airport outfit! (gotta wear my new items of course)

  • Jumper: Noughts and Crosses
  • Sandals: Novo Australia


Look #2

  • Top: CottonOn
  • High waisted shorts, I bought in a larger size to have a low-rise look: Factorie
  • Sandals: Novo Australia


Look #3 

  • Top: Zara
  • Re-wearing the same shorts and sandals


Look #4

Church outfit!

  • Top: Zara basic
  • Skirt: Zara
  • Flats: Rubi shoes


One day we’re suppose to go explore so just wearing some light jogging attire.

  • Top: Target
  • Shorts: Big W
  • Runners: Nike


Swim attire: 

  • Halter mesh top: CottonOn
  • High Waisted bottoms: CottonOn


Storing all my belongings in my Dakine bag that I brought with me.


I tried to pack a minimalist style this weekend but since I have recently made a few new purchases and hardly ever get to wear all my clothes, I am splurging and bringing more than I probably need. That’s ok!

Here’s to “spontaneous” adventures (:



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