The Bold And Beautiful

Fashion. it’s not about who has the highest career, the highest education, or the most zeros in their bank account. It’s about expression, it’s about creativity and what someone can come up with that may not have been done before, or has been done before but with an incredibly unique twist. Anyone can be good at fashion, if you allow your creative juices to flow, it’s a possibility. It also should be a priority if you want something to come from it because if you aren’t passionate about it, this particular industry can be nothing but nonsense. However that nonsense and pointless career that I’ve heard fashion is, it’s another kind of love for me. It’s another way to express myself because I can hardly draw stick figures and hardly use any beauty products right, textures, patterns, colors make me weak in the knees.

It gives me a sense of power and boldness when I put something together that I have not seen done before and or is not too popular because what I think is beautiful, can be completely utterly horrifying in someone else’s eyes. It all comes down to perspective and of course that cliché quote: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. You don’t need to be a millionaire or be even close to wealthy, you just need to know how to pair items together even if they’ve been in your closet for years. Yes, size is questionable and you maybe need to go purchase a few others pieces but in the end you can live off having a small wardrobe size and not needing to shop for a new wardrobe ever new season.

I love the fashion world because it is constantly changing and there is so much competition in the air it’s basically another form of oxygen. If you have a passion for something whether it will take you somewhere or not, if you really have a true passion for a dream, you’ll keep doing it no matter what and hey you never know, something just could happen without you even knowing but it’s always nice to be doing something that makes you smile and never gets old.

What is your passion? Why and what are you doing to keep at it? Comment down below and let me know (:




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