Rainstorm = Rainbow

I am now at my 9-month mark of being on my travels. I have to say, I did not think I would see as much as I have. God has really blessed me on this trip and I will be forever thankful. With blessings has to come sufferings unfortunately it’s just the cause and effect of living in a broken world. Jesus said that with every suffering will always be a blessing in the end. Just how He said He will never flood the earth again, He always brings a rainbow after every single rainstorm. Praise God!

That is a metaphor for what I am going to be talking about. This trip may have had some gorgeous views and some beautiful memories but with all this beauty you have seen me capture; pain, sickness and illness has followed or lead to those beautiful sunsets and rainbows.

I recently just was baptized again into God’s kingdom. The enemy IS very real and is out to seek kill and destroy. Being baptized is such a beautiful and glorious, selfless moment. Following Jesus though isn’t all glorious and selfless. Yes, I am going to struggle I am going to fail and be stripped down from who I thought I was to who God thinks I am. I have never suffered as much as I did in these past weeks. My physical health was at an all time low; it was one thing after another. I never knew someone could experience so much pain. I felt like Job (he’s a man in the bible who was stripped and had everything taken from him, good book, read it) I thought I experienced pain before, but this was unreal. No one can understand the pain and suffering I went through these past weeks, accept one person. Jesus.

Whatever we go through, He goes through as well. He already knows what is going to happen and how. It sucked, I hated it, I wanted it to end, and literally I wanted to die the pain was that bad. The enemy was sure having a hay day because it was only getting worse and I was only focusing on the pain and nothing else. From the get go, the Holy Spirit was compelling me to praise. Through the highs, lows, good or bad, praise God. It was weird because I’m thinking praise you God? Why, I’m in pain can’t you see God? I could barely talk, breathe, see or focus and you want me to praise you? The enemy can strip me from my health, but he CANNOT strip me from my faith. Quiet praising is still praising. My health eventually dropped even more. I thought I was going to die, not exaggerating at all and since that was the case for me I decided to praise Jesus even that much more because if I were to die during that time, I wanted to die knowing I was praising my Heavenly Father, not complaining about the pain and what was wrong.

After constant prayer, and praise I had a revelation in the middle of this storm that even though I am suffering and may be going through some tough stuff, there will 100% be a blessing out of this. I don’t know how, when, where or why but this pain is preparing me for my next season and will only bring God and His kingdom glory. I didn’t really think worshiping and praying could actually work on something like this but it brought a lot of peace, it brought a new perspective, it brought me closer to Jesus and for that I am grateful for the pain and tribulation I had to endure. I am grateful for Jesus allowing this pain to happen and to trust me with this pain to hang on tight to Him and not turn away or say “ God why are you doing this to me, you’re a good God, why?” He is a good God He is a MAGNIFICENT God. He also likes to give us wake up calls in our life to have us realize that our faith needs to be solid; it needs to be grounded in something so sturdy that not even the devil can strip that from us when bad things spring up. Tribulations will either make turn to Jesus or away. Don’t give into temptation, do not give into what the devil tricks you with, it’s. a. trick. Nothing good happens after the enemy wins but with Jesus glory will reign and glory will come. Death, pain, suffering, isolation, it is all for the glory of His kingdom, amen! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, Proverbs 3:5, that verse was a light through my sufferings.

Australia is beautiful and has been a lot of fun; however don’t let a few photos say otherwise, pain and suffering has occurred but I am alive, I am healthy now and I still love Jesus! Praise God for getting me through these past weeks and providing me hope, You’re good all the time and all the time you’re good.



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