It’s Poppin’

The older I get the more I realize how perfect lipgloss can tie an outfit together. I don’t know why I am just figuring this out now but it is the most simple accessory a gal can have. If you are ever running late and cannot find that purse, scarf, necklace, earrings etc. just pop some colour on your smoochers and you’re set.

What I did discover about lipgloss though is you do pay for what you get, sometimes that is. I recently came across this brand called “Ulta3”, they are an Australian based brand with killer prices. You would think by the cost it would be a joke to purchase them but me being the one who tries to get the best price with best quality I managed to achieve just that, $3 each. They have ever color you would probably want in a lipgloss. I found these babies at Priceline pharmacy however, they do have an online website as well.  Check them out and you’ll be struttin’ down the street singing to Lil Kim’s song, “My lipgloss is poppin’, my lipgloss is cool.” 

  • 065 Rouge (matte)


  • 035 Plum Velvet (matte)


  • 034 Brown Sugar (matte)


  • 026 Rosa


  • 054 Soft Toffee





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