Happy Holidays?

Tis the season to be jolly? Travelling from island living to the states during the holidays, it’s hard to get into that “holiday spirit.” No one says Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas anymore… at least the people I’ve ran into, no decoration really insight, no one wears anything festive. The only thing that is still around is that good ol’ Christmas jams. Isn’t it supposed to be the happiest season of them all? Holidays should also bring out the best of everyone and should be surrounded by loved ones, right? Or is that only in the movies?

I miss the days where stores would be decked out in Christmas décor, almost looking like the movie scene from “Elf”. Snowflakes, fake snow, lights, etc. People grinning from cheek to cheek just because the spirit in the air makes you want to smile. However, I think the reason why the spirit of Christmas is dying because we all are actually forgetting the real reason for the season. JESUS!

I’m not going to lie with how busy I have been this season and not really knowing what the day is let alone the time; I actually forgot that today is Christmas Eve. I’m walking downtown and wondering why everything is hardly open, why it’s so dead and cold… oh yeah, it’s Christmas Eve. Despite the cold nip in the air, you’d think it’s just another day. How sad is that to think? How sad is it to think that this was the day before Christ’s birthday and it seems like another day? I feel so guilty and selfish for not being in the spirit but the fact I completely spaced about the birth of our King, I’m beating myself up inside.

Without Jesus we wouldn’t be here. Without Christmas Day, we would NOT BE HERE. We all get so caught up with Christmas shopping; parties and being surrounded by loved ones. Don’t get me wrong that’s perfectly fine and I’m not saying I’m against any of that, I just think it’s more of a priority of others to do that then to really reminisce on what this holiday is actually about. Sometimes you’re not anywhere near snow it’s the opposite of cold, you’re not anywhere near family or loved ones, it’s hard to get in the spirit I understand completely I am in that position right now but I had a realization this Eve, without Jesus’ birth we would not be here, I know I’ve said it so many times already but I’m wanting you all to hear the good news! God sent His only son who knew no sin and gave up His life for you and I to be on this world we call earth. The news of Jesus Christ is getting shamed every day and the more it’s getting shamed the more and more the world is loosing its Joy. Real joy comes from Jesus and without him; there is no authentic Joy.

I challenge you that tomorrow instead of worrying about what’s under the tree, how much money you may get from your relatives from snail mail, how many parties you’ll attend or who you’ll kiss under that mistletoe, religious or not, just think why do you celebrate Christmas, why do you do what you do on that specific day? Why do you go to church on that day if not only or not at all? Why do you sing Christmas carols/hymns? Why do you do advent? Why do you spend it with loved ones? I am simply asking all of these questions with grace behind each and every one of them, I’m always curious to know why people do what they do. Enjoy the holidays this year! Enjoy the décor, the parties, the feast, the eggnog, the mistletoe kiss, the gifts, the company but this year please try to not forget what the true meaning of the season is!

Happy Holidays and Merry CHRISTmas,



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  1. phyllis white
    December 25, 2015 / 7:04 pm

    ABSOLUTELY 100% RIGHT ON. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE CHRIST-mas SEASON Jesus has been left out on purpose people refuse to face TRUTH. people are choosing narcissim, selfishness (me me me), I’m first, I better than you, go away, take a look around why aren’t people friendly as they were back when????and back when really has not been that long ago. People are fake, playing the game. ” Good ” mask on the face and definitely hurting on the inside. I’ve felt it, from people and when I question my concern, they hide, deny and walk away. GOD Head Three- Father Son Holy Spirit all are one( IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME God Head Three IS GOOD. can that statement be said about your “god” you worshipl

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