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Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Holidays!

Tis the season for when you need to have that perfect outfit for that party and or gathering, but wait till the last second to find one. How about NO to buying a new outfit because this year is all about incorporating styles and clothes you already have in your closet since you waited till last minute to find a look, as I am guilty for that too. Forget the dresses or snagging tights. This year has me wanting comfort and minimalism. Grey’s, Greens and Reds are prominent colours for this years holiday glam look. More simplicity rather than, look at me. Calm, cool and collected. 

  • Look #1: Winter Layers 
  • The big oversized boyfriend sweater is a MUST-HAVE essential in a winter wardrobe.
  • Instead of the typical jean or legging paired with this knit, add a layered skirt for more of a dressier, girly taste but have it be a neutral colour so that way you can add a pop of lip colour being your main accessory.
  • Add a little more holiday glitz, pair a rose gold shoe; which also is my accessory, which works perfectly to be that neutral or staple piece. VERSATILITY IS KEY. 


  • Look 2: TOM-BOY meet Edgy-Girl
  • Faux Fur, Fur whatever it may be; it’s full throttle during those cool crisp winter nights and days. It can add sophistication to any outfit.
  • Leather pants are always a go-to for party pants since they can be used either dressing something up or down.
  • Point tip flats or heels adds an ambiance of class and sophistication, but let me tell you if you want more comfort stick with the flats because the price to pay for beauty can be painful. Or just slug down a few spiked eggnogs and you’ll be keen for heels! 

christmas fashion 5

  • LOOK #3: Monochrome W.
  • Full length jacket and or a big jacket is another must-have in your closet during the winter for warmth and comfort.
  • Knits are very versatile and are always the perfect option for the holidays.
  • Booties are never a bad choice because you can wear those funky christmas socks without showing them and yet look stylish all at once, it’s a win win. 
  • White always leaves a mark with a posh statement without even trying. I tend to hesitate when wearing monochrome white, yet alone one white piece because I am bound to spill. However, my hats off to those who can manage to keep their whites, white.
  • When it comes to wearing this colour, it’s very unlikely to needing jewelry since white already is so loud, yet so subtle. Though you can add jewelry if you’re accessory obsessed like me.

christmas fashion 3

There are three very last-minute looks for this holiday. Most of these pieces will be in your closet but if not, investment in these items would be keen since all these pieces are very versatile which means you can wear them anytime, any day, anywhere and who doesn’t like that?! Hope this was helpful and remember you’re not the only one who waited last minute to gather a look!

Happy Holidays!





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