Lucky Number 16

Over the past years my inner goddess could not be tamed. She wanted to let her freak flab fly before the ball dropped and by a blink of an eye a new year has already begun. Well, as the years go by I am more mature now (thank God, literally) with my choices. With a lot of change going on this year, I have to say that New Years is the most anti-climatic holiday us humans can celebrate. No it’s not because I never had that significant other or have been to a fabulous gathering, it’s just a big night that waits till 11:59am and right at 12:00 new year, no what? Boyfriend or no boyfriend, being surrounded by “friends” and not in a sober sate of mind is not my kind of fun anymore. Being around loved ones who enjoy your presence and can help me grow abs just by laughing is what I live for now.

Stating the obvious, the New Year is approaching too fast and I am so keen to stay home this year… and be with my parents. You don’t always need to go out, you don’t have to to out, you can stay home and that’s ok! I’d love to go out but, this year I plan to pull a Carrie Bradshaw New Year, dress up with some pearls, wear some high-class PJs with my my full length fur coat if need-be and eat some goodies. Oh and be with my cat by my side of course and parents, if they stay awake.

I am not saying don’t go out though, go out by all means but don’t go out because everyone else is going out, go out because YOU want too. If I had a masquerade, flapper party to go to HECK YES count me in but unfortunately that invitation never arrived this year, maybe next though! I love dressing up, I love obnoxiously yelling and counting down as you watch that silver ball slowly ascend up the pole but this year will be tamer. This year my inner goddess doesn’t have control over me anymore gosh darnet.

Absolutely I never did want to be with family during this holiday, I just thought it was lame and they didn’t stay up till midnight but you know what, the older you get the more you appreciate your parents and ALL they do for you. This year I raise my glass to my Heavenly Father and to my wonderful parents. Cheers to lucky number 16’ here we go!

Even though I am not going out, I will share some inspiration with ya’ll.

As you can see my style of selection varies. The only sparkle I enjoy wearing is silver or gold, it has a sophistication of sassy yet classy look, unlike black, it can come across as little-kidsh. You can never go wrong with a monochrome white outfit paired with a staple piece clutch. A tutu is not your usual look for NYE but you always have fun in a tutu so why not? When will you ever wear one again, as I always say; dress outside the box. Instead of focusing on a clutch or having the perfect perfect jewelry, try and focus on one accessory that you can never go wrong with. LIPS baby! I go weak in the knees for dark colored lips, specifically more dark purples… ugh. It is a more night time color, however, it is daytime approval but with darker shades it gives it a more ambiance of mystery I believe and leaving a little mystery never hurt anymore. Plus, having lipstick means no random kisses for my single ladies, its a win win! Enjoy this year, enjoy your night, remember water is your BEST friend and just be yourself <3




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