It Is Well

The ocean, its all an unknown. We still don’t know ALL what’s in those great bodies of waters and we just may never know either. While being on an “island” for the past year, I only submerged twice in it. You’re thinking well that’s absurd. Yes, I do agree with you but only because I let my fear control me. I had such bad anxiety stepping into those waters it was overwhelming. Fact: they do have extremely poisonous jellyfish so knowing my odds; I wanted to avoid that thus not going in the unknown.

But really, it is so unknown; when you stare out past the horizon you see nothing and know that literally there is nothing but the other side of the world. It’s scary how MASSIVE this world is yet it’s beautiful from the East all the way to the West, all the way to the South and all the way to the North. There’s so much beauty that our brains cannot even comprehend it, we can’t even think that’s even possible. It’s already too much for me just thinking about it right now.

Being the unknown I immediately thought about Jesus. Jesus can be the unknown; He’s massive and beautiful. Trusting in Him, walking by Him, Living the life of a Christ follower, it’s all about the unknown but that’s why Jesus is always related to faith because faith is believing in something without tangible evidence thus trusting is the next main factor. Without faith or trust, there’s not Jesus in the equation. It may seem impossible to not trust or have faith because it’s the unknown however, here’s a fun fact, after I finally allowed myself to just trust Jesus with my anxiety and my fear I just threw my hands up and said DO IT ALREADY. I ran into those crystal clear warm pacific waters and it was the most alive feeling I have felt in a long time. It was scary, beautiful and nerve racking all at the same time BUT I am glad I finally just put my big girl swimmers on. Just like with Jesus it’s an all or nothing, you’re either with Him or against Him. You just need to trust Jesus for once, small or big it’s a step to a beautiful relationship that He’s been oh so patiently waiting for. You never know you if you choose Jesus you just may feel more alive than ever before. Just like the ocean we will never be able to completely understand Jesus on this side of Heaven, So let go my soul and trust in Him The waves in wind still know His name.



here’s the beautiful song I was inspired by to write this blog:


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