Full Throttle

Ah, finally, my first down time in about two weeks. I can’t remember the last time I sat let alone letting my brain just flow out on a keyboard because before you know it, it’s already a new week, month and or year. Time flies when you don’t live in the present. Since the New Year, so much has already happened and being such a short time since I celebrated the ball drop, I’ve had zero time for any extra curricular activities because being a big girl now requires more responsibility than you think. They don’t prepare you for the real world in high school and or college. Its just tests that will maybe get you a future career but if not just loads and loads of debt and anxiety.

When you live the every day life of having a young professional job, you get caught up sometimes with everything that comes with it. Your co-workers, gossip, tasks, to-do lists, etc. Getting here though was not my doing, I prayed and prayed and prayed for this specific job, environment and opportunity for a long time. Yes, Jesus really does answer prayers, who would’ve thought?! It being His will of course. I can 100% say if I was given this job a year ago I would’ve failed immensely and to this day I still can’t believe I can do it. Without God I would not have this opportunity or the skills I have for what it takes. This year has made me realize that Jesus DOES answer your prayers, again, according to His will because he answered everything on my checklist but what I learned though is you need to be specific when you pray to Him.

Ex: Dear God, I pray for a good day…etc. Amen.

Good day can mean anything and when you have a certain expectation for Jesus about what you want in a good day and not mention it to Him, something so good could’ve happened not realizing it because you saw a good day in a different way and was not happy by how Jesus provided. Yet He still provided, catch my drift?

One specific prayer request Ill share with you that I’ve had for almost a good year is to be really busy and have a specific job. Well a year later I am here to say it’s happening and it’s full throttle. It’s all day ever day. I am feeling like a 100 years old by the time I’m home because my brain is fried and my feet are swollen like a pregnant momma. It’s what I asked for though… I asked for an amazing job, I asked to be busy, I asked for all of it and when Jesus answers, it’s always above and beyond (because that’s how much He LOVES us) He doesn’t hold back when He wants to bless His children.

What I am getting at is, pray. Don’t stop praying, pray for clarity, for direction, for your desires, dreams and wants but most importantly always always always end with a gracious and obedient heart, not your will but His will be done. Jesus knows when the PERFECT timing is for that specific prayer to happen. You may not understand why and you may not ever understand but after you see things fold out the way they do sometimes clarity follows and you’re incredibly thankful that the season you wanted actually came a little later than you anticipated because now you’re more than equipped for task! Be still and know.




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