Your “boyfriends”

My creative juices were flowing today after I realized I bought 3 different outfits while only wearing one pair of jeans! Do you ever want to put on some pants without them being tight and maybe just hanging lower than usual, I do. I have never found a pair of boyfriend jeans that fit the way these do and for the price I paid as well. Who knew you those bf jeans could really be helpful. Thanks boyfriends <3

  1. Sporty-chic (yes that is a cat shirt & I was inspired by Olivia P. & her bursts of colors and textures she always has going on.
  • Top: H&M
  • Necklace: H&M
  • BF jeans: H&M
  • Runners: New Balance (DSW)

2. Classy-edgy (inspired by Jessica’s wardrobe season 5 ep. 11 from Suits)

  • Leather Loafers: Tony Bianco (aus)
  • Blue button up: Sportsgirl (aus)
  • B&W top: H&M

3. Hampton’s summer remix (inspired by nautical spring season w/ an edgy twist)

  • Striped tank: H&M
  • Jacket: N/A
  • Booties: DSW



All of these looks are any season wear as well. You can never go wrong with stripes, texture and or layering. Have fun and dress outside the box!




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