Get Ready, Get Set, Trendset!

The fashion world is taking a turn and has decided to officially make some sense in clothes. Comfort + style + matching top & bottom = not pajamas but can be mistaken for them.In other words, matching top and bottoms are in FULL THROTTLE and I could not be more pumped about this up and coming trend.

I happened to take a double take on a photo that I saw on social media. It was this adorable post by Whitney Port, she looked incredibly stunning and totally rocked the PJ look. This will be a forever trend because comfort is your best friend. I’ve always had a deep love for matching pieces but now someone has read my mind and all is well. Usually these types of trends have to have people who dress outside the box test model the look but eventually every woman will wonder why in the heck they aren’t wearing such a fabulous outfit themselves.

When having a matching top and bottom that allows so much creativity all in between. Dressing your outfit up with some runners for a street chic look or heels if you want to go out with your gals, whatever it may be you’re going to be looking so stylish no matter what. Note to self: if you have one too many glasses and or bottles of wine after your girls night, just know you don’t need to worry about changing because as you know you have pajamas on… at least that’s what everyone thinks who aren’t wearing them.

For all my pattern lovers, mix matching is also a plus and is encouraged, just to add more spunk to your already fabulous outfit. For more of a simple look try to stick to the same pattern but if you want to be a wild child go crazy with your textures, you can never go wrong!

Ann Taylor (spring 2016) Blouse & Pants.

  • These two pieces don’t go together, so I ended up buying separates however, it works out perfectly because they both are from the same pattern.






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