1 Year Ago

I always love to look back a week, a month or even a year to see where I was or am at. This time last year I was on a plane spontaneously to Oz, or otherwise known as Australia to live a little. I cannot believe that was a year ago, time really does fly and I feel like it’s only going faster and faster. I’ve grown up so much since then so I’m going to share what I learned in the past year with you all. It’s really encouraging and edifying to self reflect on yourself, that way if you want to grow (which I hope you all do) it’s good to look back and set goals for yourself, see where you want to be and know how to get there.

I was going to make a bullet point form but I am finding it that just typing in paragraph form will suffice and you’ll have a better comprehension of it instead of it being choppy.

Here we go. 

February 12, 2015- February 12-2016

I used to think I needed to work for Jesus or to be more specific; His grace but according to scripture and His kingdom, it’s the opposite of the world. It starts from the inside out. It’s all about the heart. For ex: If I miss a quiet time I’m not a failure, I am not a horrible, I am not not loved, Jesus won’t strike me with lighting aka no blessings, NO. In fact nothing I can do will EVER change how much He loves me, more or less. He loves so much the fact He’s on my mind is good enough for Him. It’s all about giving myself grace in this life. However, if you don’t know something particularly, that means you can’t give so in order to give grace you need to know grace and knowing grace means knowing the creator of it; The Sovereign God. Catch my drift?? I finally am understanding this more, praise God!

I departed when I was 20 and arrived home when I was 21, & from here on out it’s “health insurance, and wrinkles” quoted from my dad. Thanks dad…

I am a very independent person. I’ve known this about myself for a long time but traveling solo has made me even more independent and its come down to the point of how do I receive? I am so used to buying my own stuff, getting myself to places A,B & C, Fending for myself and or cooking for myself. Not needing to worry about if anyone is left behind because I am with me, myself and I. It’s a hard habit to get out of but with the Lords help, He can change my heart because He is a God of miracles and a helping Loving Heavenly Father. 

“Friends come and go but true friends are forever.” Have you ever heard of that quote before or something similar? I have and I couldn’t agree more. When you’re away from being able to contact others in a normal day-to-day basis the waters of your friendship get quaked and sometimes some people stay and others just float off because it’s not easy or convenient to them. Sad, selfish but true. Going through the seasons I have lately have really helped me understand, I don’t always need to be texting someone, I don’t always need to be hanging out with someone, I don’t always need to be the most popular person in the room. It’s ok to not always be chatting with someone, look up actually, look up and see this beautiful environment your surrounded in because before you know it, you may be somewhere across the world or somewhere where you are not familiar with and regret not taking advantage of the beauty around you before. I say that because that happened to me when I left. Being in a different time zone is truly hard to communicate with others, but if it’s even a 2 minute call, if you’re a priority it will happen no matter.

Clothes, shoes, accessories, fashion to be more specific… it’s just fashion. It’s materialism, it’ll turn to dust sooner or later. The Lord says in Matthew 6:19-21 ” Store up heavenly treasures, not earthly treasures”. Understanding that this stuff will rip, it will break, it will be nothing in a matter of time so what am I putting my treasures in? What is my heart yearning for? Where is my identity? Is it of this world or is it in Jesus? As Christ-Followers we are called to be in the world not of, so persecution will happen unfortunately but only because it happened to Jesus first. “They will hate you because they hated me first.”  Am I willing to be guilty of association? Am I wanting to be apart of something so horrible yet so beautiful? This not being an if statement but if eternal life is the reward and singing glorious praises forever and ever accompanied with no more tears, no more pain, no more divorce, no more murder, no more sickness, NO MORE SIN, you bet your bottom dollar I keen to be guilty by association. To experience true love, to be in the midst of our creator, to someone who gave their life in the way Christ did, you bet I will take the pain that comes with following Christ because I know I’ll have Jesus by my side, that’s a promise from Him because He knew we couldn’t do this life without Him.

I could go on for days about my year now that I think of it but overall I would like to say that I have grown heaps spiritually, mentally and I wish vertically too but we all want what we can’t have, right? That’s why heels were invented! I never thought I’d have this mindset at this age nor would I be where I am. You never know actually where you’ll be, the future you see is what you want to see but it’s all unknown. Being a follower of Christ is all about wanting to be obedient and to trust that the Father has the best intentions for His children. Family or your parents become very important to you because all the “horrible” and “mean” things they said while you were an adolescent really actually matter now and they just had their best interest for you but being who I was and maybe who you were, pride was in the way and you obviously do not want to be told “what to do”, am I right or am I right? All these blessings didn’t happen over night or this change, it’s time and it’s a process, gradually it will happen but usually when you least expect. We have a humorous God who loves to make us giggle I have come to know. I am very happy about where I am, life is keen and I don’t think I’ve actually ever said that before maybe because I was too closed off but the fact of the matter is I am saying it now and I am incredibly thankful for what I have been given and shown this past year. Only up from here and a bit of hard rights and lefts too. Thank you Jesus for ALL what you have shown me and what you have given me, you’re nothing but good and I am so thankful for the cross. Amen!




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