Spring Essentials (lazy look)

Spring has almost sprung, but preparation is key so that’s why I am here to help you prepare for the upcoming season!



When the hot weather is blazin’ the last thing I want is to wear a full face of make up and use hot tools. I like the beachy textured hair look with a fresh looking natural face. However, some days my skin can look a little discolored so I usually apply some BB cream that sunscreen added to be on the safer side. On the days I don’t apply any make up, I obviously want my skin to be as spotless as possible, despite having good genes I do have those nasty craters here and there which makes them more noticeable. Using this mud mask twice a week is golden. It really keeps my skin clean and removes any upcoming breakouts. (from what I’ve experienced) To tie together the all natural look, having textured beachy hair is key. It’s effortlessly beautiful and perfect for spring/summer.

  • Not Your Mothers: Target
  • BB Cream Tarte: Ulta
  • Mud Mask: Ulta


When it comes to sunshine I try to always have my essentials with me at all times, wether that be in my car or I’m wearing them. Hat’s can add a sporty-chic look, depending on the type of hat. Specifically speaking about the trucker hat that can add a tom-boy chic look which is adorable. Sunnies to protect your eyes or they can be a statement piece if you have a simple look going on. Last but not least a fun colored statement clutch. This clutch can be a purse, but lately I’ve been loving the clutch look.

  • Clutch: DSW
  • Sunnies: Nordstrom
  • Hat: Patagonia


Patterns, textures, detail It’s never a bad thing to have an over abundant amount of detail especially during the spring/summer time. A patterned dress is always a MUST-HAVE during this floral season. Mix-matching patterns can provide a versatile outfit, so you never get multiple use out of your clothes which is always a GREAT thing. I tend to get cold a lot and by a lot I mean all the time. I’m a jacket girl, so jackets are key for me to have at all times. Texture can change your whole outfit, why not add an oversized jacket to be that key essential. When it comes to bottoms, the baggier the more comfortable. Boyfriend jeans are a perfect this spring to go with your beachy wave natural look. Staple shoes are also a must this season to add flare to any outfit. However, if your feet get tired and need to breathe, having a pair of leather sandals are perfect for the laid back vibe.

  • Dress: H&M
  • Jacket: H&M
  • BF jeans: H&M
  • Heels: Ann Taylor
  • Sandals: Steve Madden


Overall I feel that all these pieces are KEY for spring. You can never go wrong with them since they are perfect for lazy-chic look. Tis the season for lazy being the new norm!




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