Viva La Mexico

Spontaneous trips are the best trips because they are filled with so much unknown. It causes me anxiety but theres a rush that I love that comes with the spontaneity act. I was invited to go the beautiful waters of Cancun. I’ve never been to Mexico, so I had no idea what to expect. Let me tell you, despite the after consequences those 75 cent Quesadilla’s were ALL worth it. This was the first island, or warm weather vacation I have ever taken. Which means I have no idea how to relax and when I’m relaxing that’s usually still adventuring. However, I didn’t adventure as much as I liked, so I will be back for sure! These pictures do not do JUSTICE to how beautiful Cancun is, going is person is a must.


The water was blue as babe.

Beauty was everywhere.

Cookin’ some bloody good brekkie w/ the freshest fruit and avo!

living in swimmers and enjoying that 100% agave tequila, which is how you determine whether it’s good tequila or not… side note (:

Out on the town w/ a killer sunset to follow.

how could you not want to take  a picture at an artsy fartsy dock?!

be back soon Mexico.





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