Why not simplicity?

Come to me all who are weak and weary and you will find rest. He wants YOU and all of you first and foremost. He will and did sacrifice Himself for you because you’re His beloved. You do not need to earn His unconditional love because where there is true love, there is unconditional grace and where there is unconditional grace, there is mercy and where there is unconditional mercy you will be satisfied in Him.

There is a dilemma though… Being in this broken world you will have trial and you will have tribulation. You will suffer; you will make mistakes over and over again. Unfortunately you will experience pain, hurt, anger, loneliness, prosecution, abuse, neglect and all those horrible other things but do you want to know something? He is the truth, the way, the light and no one can come to the Father expect through Him. That’s a pretty audacious statement to make, huh? He claimed that because it was a promise, He speaks nothing but truth and will forever be true until we reach eternity.

You ask what eternity is… well from what I have read and have been told, it’s a place where there is no more pain, hurt, suffering, anger, loneliness, prosecution, abuse and neglect. It is so perfect that our minds are too finite to even think of an existence like that. It’s a vast place with luscious love and constant beauty everywhere. It’s hard to believe let me tell you but why not? Why not try? What are you going to lose? What are you afraid of? I am not claiming that this is truth but I also know that we humans run from truth. Is it because it’s too easy? It’s too simple? It’s too simple to have a relationship with someone who is unconditional? It’s too simple to not need to earn anything from that person; it’s too simple to just say okay. Fun fact, this person is not of this world, He once was on this earth but was the only perfect person whom ever did walk this broken, evil world then sacrificed Himself that being the only way to take away our sins and to have a place to go to called eternity.

Why can’t simplicity be a thing for you? Why do you need to know all the answers? If you knew all the answers, we wouldn’t be here. If you did not create the world, why do you think you need all the power that this world has? If you know who I am talking about, why don’t you try it again? Challenge yourself. It builds character and you never know what may happen. You have nothing to lose at this point. This world is only going to get worse and the worse it gets, the more confusing it gets.

With Jesus clarity can come! However, don’t expect every single question to be answered if you ask Him because some things we will NEVER understand on this side of earth and THAT’S OK, again accepting the simplicity. If you think what I am saying is false and bogus well please, enlighten me. Explain to me why can’t you do simplicity. If you think I am just making mumbojumbo, do some research yourself, take what I say with a grain of salt and go explore. Re-think everything, what you believe, why you believe and if it aligns with truth. What is truth you ask? Well I have one way of answering this, Jesus. Ask questions, be angry, be frustrated, be pissed, be confused, be selfish, be stubborn. Just know that you are LOVED even when you have those thoughts, feelings and emotions and its OK to have those thoughts, don’t forget you have flesh.

He’s waiting for you to ask, so move because hell is real and once you’re there, you’re there for eternity. Being separated from any type of hope and type of light and any type of saving, is a scary and harsh thought. This isn’t game though, this isn’t monopoly where you can get out of jail for free pass. This is a life or death choice. Jesus has no maximum occupancy in heaven. You have the choice to decide if you want to spend the rest of eternity in hell or heaven. Can I make a suggestion though? Why not heaven?




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