Effortlessly Street-Chic

If there’s anything I truly love, it is being comfortable and fashion forward. I honestly have some mornings where I just DO. NOT. WANT. TO. GET. READY, PERIOD. Lately, my lazy days have been getting the best of me and little do most people know I was ready and out the door in less than ten minutes. Reason being; I woke up late and needed to get to work STAT.

Effortlessly street-chic is the name of this fabulous look.

This outfit in particular was not rocket science. I looked, I grabbed and I paired. 3 easy steps (who doesn’t hate that?) I really was aiming for the street chic today however, I did not want to look too homeless so I figured adding some girly-ness to this outfit couldn’t hurt. I did a somewhat messy top knot, and wore my amazing gold gong earrings for win!

  • TOP: MCA Denver designer, PRETTY/DIRTY/, but I DIY’d by adding my own designer hole touch.
  • Blue button down: Thrifted
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Shoes: New Balance
  • The Gongs: Charming Charlies

side note: I was at a bar one night and some random guy came up to my earrings, took his straw and hit them while obnoxiously screaming (GONG GONG, CHINA WANTS THEIR GONGS BACK.) It was actually kind of funny and no nothing EVER came out from that, haha.

I truly was not feeling this Sunday but my outfit could say otherwise. In all honesty though, thank goodness for runners because my feet have been in non-stop 4-6inch heels this past week and my back really thanked me today. If you don’t own a pair of runners, or NB runners to be more specific you’re in for a loss because these babies are fashion forward. They can be paired with anything and by anything, I mean literally can wear them with your wedding dress. Don’t take my word for it though, go out and get yourself a pair (;

That is all I have for you. Just remember, when it comes to fashion, you really do not need to try at all. As long as it has some sort of coordination and you rock that confidence, you are golden girlfrandd!

lots of love on this beautiful Sunday,




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