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Ah the joys of fashion, you get to change your style at any given moment. I was running a little late today, as per usual during the weekdays and I happen to not give a hoot about my selection of attire for this particular day. I wanted something easy but something I haven’t done before. Which meant not black on black, or anything between those lines.

I decided without hesitation to finally wear my bohemian maxi dress. Might I let you know, it’s been sitting in my closet since Easter time and I am now getting around to wearing it.

priorities babe. 

I preach a lot about trying new styles and dressing outside the box and after deciding to wear this specific dress, I automatically became uncomfortable because it was not my “usual” wear. It sucked, I hated it, I am a dress gal however not a bohemian gal… at least right now. However, I have a standard to uphold for myself and I will not go against my encouraging messaging.

I put my big girl pants on (in this case, a dress) and I wore it like I loved it… that’s a bit dramatic but you get the picture. I did not want to go all out bohemian style, so I figured why not pairing it with my fav booties thus; having  a “Sierra” style to it. DONE.

  • Dress: H&M
  • Earrings: H&M
  • Booties: DSW
  • Hairstyle: haven’t showered… oops

All in all, I thought I looked horrible in it and I thought the dress was awful for my figure, but I received multiple positive comments from others which then helped me gain a little more of my confidence back, so thank you ladies!

Go try something new, it builds character kid.

lots of love,




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