Hamptons Ready

Whenever I wear white on white (which is EXTREMELY RARE) I always feel like I belong at the Hampton’s, or at least that’s what Gossip Girl exposed to me… since I’ve never actually been there and or will probably go.

Any who, I kid you not, last night I had a stinkin’ nightmare about wearing my brand new NYTT sweater from my local Paige boutique on Pearl (please check it out it’s a MUST-HAVE for fall.) It’s beyond comfortable and a very affordable price as well.

Back to the nightmare, I was walking in some cafeteria and somehow someone or something spilled coffee, COFFEE PEOPLE. ALL OVER MY SWEATER. It’s not that I am materialistic, please don’t hear me wrong. It’s the fact that I am at an age where I should be able to keep food, stains, drips off of my clothes since I am not 4 anymore… however in my case that is never true or will be true.

TMI real quick, I went to go pick out some fresh panties for today and the last clean pair I had were white, which to me was a sign that I needed to wear this outfit today, or it can be a bloody sign no pun intended, that Aunt Flow is about to check in this week… please don’t. Not today when I am wearing all white! PLEASE! I was so paranoid driving to work today about getting anything on this outfit that I literally wrapped a button up around my body just to keep any minor mistakes off of my outfit.

I was not kidding…

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You’re probably thinking, wow… this girl is CRAZY, they’re just clothes. They are but in a sense, for once in my life I would like to keep my white outfit white for at least an hour. Is it too much to ask? In my case, this is a fashion challenge beyond my years but hey gotta start somewhere.

With this short novel being on your agenda today I also had intended to share my OOTD (Outfit of the day) for those who do not know this acronym.



  • Earrings: Charming Charlies
  • Silk Scarf: Ann Taylor
  • Sweater: Paige Boutique
  • Kick Crops: Ann Taylor
  • Shoes: DSW
  • 3-stack ring: Ann Taylor

PS. this is an all season long outfit, WOOHOO!


Lots of love,



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