Making A Point

Considering I thought today was Thursday that’s when you know it’s finally Friday, FRIYAY PEOPLE!

On a day like today I did not plan ahead of what I was going to wear…I did my usual go-to I saw, I grabbed I put on game plan. Darker floral colors can be one of those pieces that can be worn throughout the fall time. I didn’t even think about it though until I took this picture. haha, few. I definitely wanted a more comfy outfit since I am going to be having a long day thus; boyfriend jeans will be my best friend today! They are loose as a goose my friends and will be with you through your bloating days and eating more food than your stomach can handle days. You’re welcome.

Now for shoes, I wanted to be girly today and add some sexiness to my plane jane attire. What better way in doing that then wearing some adorable black point heels? You’re probably thinking, Girl are those comfy??? NO! They are most definitely not but no one needs to know that… except you already do, so whatever, you get my point.

Adding on to my girly effect, I paired some adorable light-weight dark charcoal hoops. They can spice up any outfit, I promise you that. When in doubt, hoop it out.

  • Blouse: Forever21
  • Boyfriend Jeans: H&M
  • Heels:
  • Earrings: Charming Charlies
  • Sass: born with it.

Overall, this outfit is perfect for work, casual day at the market, drinks with your gal pals for happy hour and just lounging around the house. Your choices are endless but remember, you will always be looking fabulous no matter what.

Happy 2nd day of Fall la la la la




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