Olive You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana.

My go-to color for any season has to be the infamous Olive. It works so well with my skin tone and makes my eyes heaps more Green than usual. I’m a little obsessed and have more Olive in my closet than I know what to do with… oops.

Sheer shirts are in trend and I decided, what the heck let’s try something new, something I’d never wear. Look, I’m full throttle wearing it and I happen to LOVE this outfit. It’s more on the tom-boy side but with adding this fabulous silk dress, it adds some sexy girlyness to it. Comfort is pretty keen for me, so I tend to lean more towards the eclectic comfort fashion forward side than obnoxious get me out of this outfit right now side.

I always always always feel like that Chicago business woman anytime I have runners paired with a dress. However, I totally love this look since it’s so different and add’s such a chic vibe to the whole outfit. You can never go wrong with a pair of comfortable runners!


As I’ve said before, Fall is known for layers and you bet your bottom dollar your girl is already on full throttle with layers. Not complaints here!

Lots Of Love,



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