BCD Fall Series pt 1. : Beauty

Hi there sweet friends! I woke up late of course with a fun idea. It’s not original but it is something that would be fun to do and I have never done.

With the new breeze in the air and the changing of leaves, what better time to start a brand new series of all my favourite fall products. It will be products for beauty, hair, food, fashion and even encouraging messages. Everything in between those lines I want to share with you for this new season!

  • Beauty Series: 

We all deep down want to know the secret to beauty and how to remove those blemishes and crater-like-pimples, etc. If you are here to know the “next best secret” well I will be disappointing you because I am just here to share with you my facial favourites.

I never thought I would be this person to have a “tool” like product to wash my face. I have come to know that it is heaps healthier to use a facial scrub, than to rub all the dirt and oils from my hands, when that’s exactly what I am trying to wash off.

With a scrubbing you need to add some type of soap to wash all that pollution off. The most helpful “natural” product I love love love to use is my Biore baking soda face wash. It doesn’t have all that extra chemicals in it that most face washes do. I am pretty specific when it comes to product going on my face. This year I am at a 7 year mark of my body changing and with that brought wonders of little tiny zits. This doesn’t clear my acne, however it has been preventing anymore nasty’s pop up. The ones that did show up  though didn’t even come with an invitation so I thought that was a little RUDE.

After cleansing my face, my skin dries up like a prune since the air where I live is basically dryer than that Turkey your mom cooks on Thanksgiving day. I’ve never had dry skin until this year it’s so weird. However, sam’s club hooks it up with this AMAZING creme. It’s not lotion, its not cream it’s creme. Thick, yellow, moisturising magic. Sadly, you can only buy this from Sam’s club… so go get a membership if you don’t have one because this will change your life forever. I am not kidding. They have a website too, so take a peak!

Gonna cake up with the make up. SIKE. I hate make up. Growing up a tom-boy I never knew what this up-make was until about 17. Thus; I am all about that BB cream girlfriend. Light as a feather and sunscreen infused. I. AM. SOLD. Naked Skin is on the pricey side for BB cream, however I am learning the cheaper you go, the more you will break out… at least that’s how your girl is. When applied, it feel like you have nothing on, it’s the opposite of cakey and it stays on for a good work day. Highly recommend this product to anyone.

ps. works wonders for sensitive skin. 

Ask anyone who has been or lives in Colorado. It is dry. I am going to be honest though, I have never understood this “dry climate” since I was born and raised in it. Applying lotion and chapstick was and still is apart of my routine. Chapstick never let’s me down and Bath&Body Works always has a hit when it comes to fabulous smelling lotions for any time of season. It’s goodness in a bottle!

That tis all for my beauty products, my beautiful little butterflies. Stay tuned for pt 2. on my BCD Fall series.







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