Beanie Babe

You know cold weather has officially arrived when you need to wear a beanie to keep that cute little head of yours warm. I cannot express to you my excitement for fall && cold weather. I’ve said this before and I will say it again. When it’s cold you can layer as much as you’d like, however, when it’s warm you cannot be in the nude in public legally… so what sounds better to you, sweating your life out with no clothes, or looking fabulous as ever with an immense amount of layers on? Uh I’ll take option B please (:

From sweatshirts, to you long sleeve tops, to even muscle tanks, any piece of clothing can be layered in such a significant way. If I ever am stumped or at a loss of how I want my outfit to look, Pinterest and or Tumblr are my go-to spots for fashion 101 help.

Thanks a bunch social media!

But wait… the best is yet to come. Do  you suffer from greasy, dry, bald spot, dandruff, or heck birds nest hair? One word; BEANIE. I’m a beanie babe, you’re a beanie babe, we’re all beanie babes!! Not only do beanies make you look like a badass, but the best secret to wearing a beanie is… you can… go DAYS and I mean days without washing that bird’s nest on your head. I can say that because I speak from experience, hehe. They cover up that odor, grease, bald spots, that horrible hair cut, cowlick you do not want to show off and just that plain ol’ bad hair day look. Truly one of the best moves the fashion industry has ever made. One more important fact on the beanie, IT LOOKS GOOD ON EVERYONE. It’s basically the sister hood of traveling pants but beanie style… Catchin’ my drift friend.


Now, let’s talk about bomber jackets. I love the striking style of this jacket. It can be worn in so many ways. From date night to a relaxed happy hour look, this jacket will be your best friend this fall and not to mention, winter, spring, summer, anytime time of season ya’ll. This jacket can also transform your outfit into a more street-chic edgy look. If you’re looking to change-up that regular all black outfit or maybe even that floral baby doll dress, pop on a bomber jacket and you have a whole 2nd look to add to your wardrobe. If it’s a whole different style from your usual look, try it out, you never know (:

Tis the season for trying new things & anything pumpkin scent.

Lots Of Love,





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