Spike Spike Baby

They see me rollin’ they hatin’… you know that jam from the 2000’s. Fantastic song, am I right? or am I RIGHT? And it still tickles my tummy when ever I hear it too, cheers Chamillionare.

A funny story behind this outfit today. I went on my morning run and was running late, AS PER USUAL and I decided what the heck, since I’m not showering mine as well have that comfy athleisure look going on. && cannot forget to apply dry shampoo, gotta shower a little (;

Today’s look was very spontaneous but to be honest I wore it last night too, however there is no rule book in how many times you can wear an outfit, so call the fashion police. I am all about maxi, layering duh and when it is paired with comfort I am SOLD. Sometimes you just need to be incredibly casual and comfortable but also look fabulous as well and not as if you rolled out of bed. It’s perfect for fall time and when you are running late.

PS. Messy buns are FANTASTIC too. Super cute but ties the outfit together with being messy.

When it comes to sweatshirts, I enjoy any style sweatshirt, as long as it can be layered which is the majority of them. For this specific jumper, I love the zipper detail in the front. It definitely adds some spunk to the whole piece but I thought it needed a little more  being almost a pretty basic jumper. I did the obvious and layered a sheer long tank underneath to be the cherry on top. It worked! I’ve noticed a lot of men have been wearing long maxi shirts but I thought why can’t women do that too? YOU CAN! I would stick to the sheer undershirt to add a girlyness touch instead of solid thus, making it look more full and not feminine.

Cheers to fall ya’ll. I’m PUMPED!


Lots of love,



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