50 Shades Of Grey

In world full of color, Grey has to be one of favourite colors. I was trying to find a much deeper line to add on to that but I’m not a poet so we will just move on.

Grey babe. Is how I’m feeling today. It’s just a chic color. Neutral as can be and it’s not the typical black or white style. Monochromatic is one of my top favourite looks. It exudes so much color without actually having a lot of color… it makes sense to me! Just nod your head in agreement.

This week’s weather warmed up from last’s. Especially from the beanie babe day, Colorado has no idea how to feel. If you’re a native to the colorful state, you understand the bi-polarity of the weather. Sometimes I just want to raise my fist to the sky and shake it nice and hard with bitterness but mother nature needs to take it’s course without permission I guess. In a fashion answer, I truly enjoy the heaps of weather changes, it challenges me to be ready for anything and dress for anything. You can’t control the weather but you can control fashion. I never rely on my weather app or even the Kathy Sabine, because really who knows what will happen in an hour from now… Thus I picked the perfect outfit for a warm or chilly fall day.

A jumper for the chill pairing it with a cropped ankle skirt for a girly touch. Then to keep up with the trend… I added on a grey DIY choker. Such a comfortable outfit for a fall day.

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