Tight central

Tights will be your best friend this season if you’re like me and love to wear shorts and or skirts during the coldest season possible. I hardly ear them when it’s appropriate, it’s a bit ironic when you think about it. However, thank goodness for tights! 

When wearing tights, I believe it shows off elegance in such a subtle way. It’s classy, comfortable and elegant all by a piece of fabric that covers your legs, funny but true. I feel like a child sometimes too and who doesn’t like to have their inner-child come out once awhile, me! I adore the sock and heel look as for the tight and heel look, there’s just something about it that makes such a bold statement without even trying.

Ya’ll it was cold today! So I brought out my jacket that is the real deal. It’s a blanket as well a jacket, how much better can it get? IT CAN’T. I found this baby at a boutique when I was over in Oz during my travels. I did little more research as to where it came from and what it was made out of since it was a pretty penny. Originally made in NZ and it’s fleece w/ a smidgen of Organic Cotton. AH-MAZING. It’s over-sized which I LOVE and it can go with any outfit possible. Dress up or down, the fleece is a beast, haha no pun intended. If you’re like me and you’re cold all day every day, invest in oversized jackets. You will not regret it.

Lots of love,



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