Can you make wind storms with your eyelashes, I can. Do you want to make wind storms? Well keep reading to figure out how my sweet friend!

No, I am not joining the lash train, I’ve actually been on it for awhile now. However, wanted to give my eyelashes a break and boy did I regret that.

My asian genes provided me with some short stubs, (thanks mum) and so with that, I’ve never been able to have the long luscious lashes I’ve always wanted. THANKS MUM.

To whomever created this extension ability, I now feel complete, just kidding. I can wear absolutely no make up and not be insecure anymore. And by make up I mean extensions are my make up. So now I am in a perfect world. Even though they broke my bank account, some things are just worth having if you’re doing it for yourself, by all means go ahead sister! More power to ya (:

I really have to say these are heaps better than wearing mascara and rubbing it off at night like you’re trying to remove paint from cement. It hurts too bad to continue that beauty routine. I have noticed as well my eyes are much bigger looking than before which makes me look more awake since I cannot contour or apply make up to save my life. I wake up, wash my face and go. Easier the better when you’re running late, as per usual for me. YAY!

It’s truly the small things that can do so much. Having eyelash extensions has to be the most high maintenance but at the same time low maintenance beauty routine I have ever done and probably will do. If you’re looking for fast effeiciant “getting ready” for your day spiel, these babies will be your best friend. Do your homework first though before and ask ask ask questions to whomever you are getting your lashes done from because you don’t want to be getting ripped off or not having good quality irritation lashes. They are pricey, so know your stuff before swiping that card.

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PS. this photo was taking at the crack of dawn, hence the puffy and redness. Love these mornings! && I also thought today was Monday, when in fact it is TUESDAY. Go me!

&& shoutout to my new eyelash lady Jessica, she can keep you laughing for days and make you look fabulous all in one. Who wouldn’t want someone like in their life?

Extra love on this day,




  1. Kira Hope
    October 19, 2016 / 12:48 am

    Or, just embrace what God gave you, stubby lashes and all. Beautiful just as you are.

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