Scarves For Fall

Today I wanted to do something different. I tend to lean towards the more simple look. So any sudden small or big changes, they will be noticeable. Instead of jewellery for the main accessory I wanted to change it up and  use my bright coloured silk scarf to be the main focus.

It was a chiller Thursday, thus it worked perfectly keeping me warm all day. I stuck with a clean black on black outfit to really make the scarf stand out. It worked as predicted!

Sometimes it’s truly the small things that make a huge difference. You can take that metaphorically or fashionably. Just know that you do not needs heaps of jewellery, or stuff to make yourself look “fashionable” anything can be fashionable in this day in age.

PS. this outfit has to truly be one of my fav outfits I think I’ve ever worn. 


Lots of love,




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