Under The Weather

Lately, I have been pushing it too hard and now my body hates me. I woke up this morning with pain all over and a massive sore throat. Even though I usually don’t try when it comes to getting ready. Today I did not try at all. I felt disgusting and may have sounded/looked disgusting but we can’t always look great, right?

That being said, I found the softest shirt I own, my blanket maxi cardi and yes, I did in fact wear socks with sandals. GET ON MY LEVEL BABY! To be frank, anything goes when you are sick. You have a lead excuse every time some eye balls that outfit up and down or snickers at the socks and sandal combo: I. AM. SICK. PEOPLE. Then, maybe cough on them to make them feel even worse. I am kidding, please don’t do that. Or you can throw me under the bus, whatever you need to do.

Lots of love,




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