Cleanse Time.

In life, going on a cleanse can be extremely beneficial. From spiritual all the way on the other side of deep cleaning that overflowing closet of yours, to even a juicing… but let’s be honest we humans need that good ol’ protein.

I am not sure how to classify my “cleanse” per say however, it’s long over due. Actually, I take that back. It’s the perfect timing. I am on such a high for Jesus right now. I have finally been spending intentional time with the Lord and I. LOVE. IT. I can’t explain the scandalous, freeing feeling I am experiencing but that’s for a different day. I want to just share what I have been learning these past few weeks.

I love everything about fashion. The science side, clothing, styling, patterns, colours, etc. I love it! It oozes out creativity and challenges me in every possible way, literally.

My identity came from my clothes and how overflowing my wardrobe was. The more I had, the “fill in the blank”. I received my satisfaction from clothes, I received joy, I received a high that was satisfying in the moment but then died, so thus; I needed to buy more clothes. It’s not exactly your typical addiction or struggle but it’s something I have been dealing with for a while now and I am realizing how destructive my choices were. You cannot get authentic satisfaction from things of this world. My heart yearned for something else, something I was not getting at the time.


I could talk days about Him but as I said, different time, different blog.

Lately, I’ve been on this spiritual high. Wanting to know where my identity comes from, where my worth comes from, who Jesus is and how can he be more satisfying than fashion. This has been one of the most transformational times in my life. I have finally come to a beautiful conclusion about myself.

My passions that are of this world, my wardrobe and all the “things” I own, do not matter anymore.

I am experiencing so much freedom from this. It’s satisfying in itself to know that I am here realizing something that has been bonding me for years. With this freedom, comes a new direction in life and new desires. I am making some life-cleansing choices that I thought I would NEVER need to make. But I am. And I could NOT be happier.

Once you taste freedom, it’s like Jesus. You just want nothing but that and more of it!

Thank you Jesus for this freedom.




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