6 Quarters

Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping…? Just let that song play in your head for a second.

 Every Saturday or so, my mom loaded us all in the car and dragged us to the thrift store. At the time, being a kid, it was dumb. I was embarrassed and felt like I was the “poor kid”. That was far from the truth actually. Looking back now I wish I wouldn’t have complained so much and been as embarrassed as I was because my mom was actually badass.

If you’re reading this mum, thank you for all those thrifting trips!!

You know what you and you don’t know what you don’t know. Obviously I didn’t know any better back then but I am so grateful for what I know now.

A price tag can mean so much to somebody. Where you shop can mean so much to somebody. The type of “name brand” can mean so much to somebody.

It’s all about perspective.

It shouldn’t matter where you shop, what you buy and for how much. I can say that because I used to be unbelievably materialistic. I needed the nicest, the best and the most expensive or whatever I could not afford, basically. I am very thankful for the people I am now surrounded by because if it weren’t for them I probably would not have gotten back into thrifting. You know who you are, so thank you!

You know the cliché saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It’s cliché because it’s TRUE! You can find some original killer pieces at a thrift store and not to mention the prices are LEGIT.

All this is leading me to my point. I was at a thrift store the other day with a girlfriend of mine. I am a sucker for jackets but when they’re 80’s windbreakers, I go weak in the knees. Without hesitation a vibrant blue jacket stood out to me and automatically I said YES to buying it. It’s probably the coolest jacket I own and I need to mention I bought it for 6 quarters.

6 QUARTERS! 6 QUARTERSSSSS. When was the last time you bought a treasure for 6 quarters? Um, about a week ago for myself. Who knew that shopping somewhere, where I used to feel “poor” shopping at, I would be more satisfied with that purchase then splurging on some designer Manolo’s, not me! Hear me out; I am not saying my satisfaction comes from this stellar purchase, not at all. I am just understanding that you do not need the latest, greatest and most expensive piece to be cool, accepted or whatever insecurity comes out. I am very satisfied with my 6-quarter purchase and thrifting is apart of my routine I can officially say.

No matter the piece, the price tag, the name, etc. None of that can define your cool factor, except my 80’s wind breaker…





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