I do

In no way am I an expert nor do I have experience in this field but I do have an opinion that I feel the need to share.

Majority of us are going to experience “marriage”. With that we will come two of the most dangerous yet beautiful words, that will in fact change your life.

If you take it seriously that is.

Im just going to jump right into it. I am SO sick and tired of hearing married couples say, “ugh, it’s hard” or the one that really gets under my skin, “we just don’t feel it anymore”.


I went through a nasty divorce from my parents, I’ve never experienced and or seen true love from a dating, married or couple stand point but I’m here to say, STOP WITH THIS BULL CRAP NONSENSE.

You said I DO under your own free will through sickness and health. Through richer or poorer, etc, etc, etc. oh but the sex is not good, I don’t love them anymore, we argue took much, they cheated, we’re better off as friends, I’m just bored, they lost their job, whatever excuse it is STOP IT, WILL YOU? You made an oath to one another that you’ll stay committed NO. MATTER. WHAT. If you had any small doubt why did you marry? Because you were settling? The sex was great? You just felt like it was time? Can I be maybe the first to say… That’s literally the LAMEST excuse in the book.

Marriage is about commitment. It is about learning one another’s love language. It is about doing life with someone. It is about being able to be authentic and vulnerable with in ways you thought were never possible. Yes, I’m pulling the God card out, it’s about experiencing Christ, in the MOST tangible way possible, on this side of heaven. It’s about binding two souls. For goodness sake, life’s hard. I cannot imagine living with someone who you sleep next to every night, eat dinner with and travel with and not have it be hard. It’s healthy to argue… Why? Because opinions are great to have. They open your eyes to a new perspective and help remove that pride that we all carry on our shoulders.

So, my dear friend, stop taking the easy way out because you’re unhappy, not being fulfilled in many ways you need fulfillment and or just don’t have the same feelings from day one. If you’re relationship was not first grounded on rock… There is your number one problem and if you cannot communicate…. There’s another red flag.

However, if want to get married without even having divorce cross your mind since most marry to divorce it seems these days, I want to introduce you to someone who has shown me UNCONDITIONAL love, kindness, grace, mercy, goodness, etc. Jesus.

Don’t roll your eyes, please, just because I said that.

Why don’t you put down the excuses just like you had for wanting to get that divorce and try. If you have tried before, why not try again? Soon, you will find out Jesus has not and will not stop trying for you. Ask him, I dare you. Just like I dare you to quit with the excuses and suck it up. You made that commitment, so be a woman/man of your word and work through it! True love never fails at least that’s what my Heavenly Father proclaimed to me when he died on that cross.




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