Becky Look At Her Butt

If you are here because you think this post is about butt implants, the next “butt” and or photoshopping the buttox, I strongly will be disappointing you.

Today’s post, is about the infamous trousers. Majority of us have worn some sort of fabric and or denim material on our bottom limbs, otherwise known as pants and legs! I love all types of pants, from joggers to denim they equally play a massive part in my fashionable wardrobe.

I am what some may call vertically challenged but I prefer the word petite, only because it sounds more adult and sophisticated, haha, whom I kidding? I’m just short, let’s be honest. Anyway, I have always had trouble in finding jeans that fit properly. I have soccer/runner thighs with a bigger german bum and a small waist. After reading that, you’re probably so incredibly confused; well that’s my life on a daily when it comes to finding flattering jeans.

Until last week that is…

I stumbled upon some James Jeans. I had my “what the heck” moment and decided give them a try since I had nothing to lose at this point but even more self esteem for my un-proportional body type. JUST KIDDING.

With unbelief, they fit like a glove. Around my booty, all the way down to my short little legs. Without hesitation I bought these babies and have worn them almost every day since. The price is pretty reasonable for the quality of the denim themselves. From what I have heard, seen and experienced, these are the re-make of the sister hood of traveling pants. Any size, any length, any width. It’s possible to look flattering in these jeans no matter your body type. SCORE!

I purchased my James jeans from paige boutique on pearl. Which will be my go-to for any future jean purchases. If you are intrigued for more styles by James Jeans, you can find more variety here!





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