Go Bold, Go Beyond

Unfortunately, I am not celebrating Christmas this year. So that moves me to the next holiday. I finally have plans for a New Years Eve. I honestly was never been a fan of NYE because it is such an anti-climatic holiday but this year I guess could be different!

When I have the opportunity to get glammed up, I will take it since it’s a rare occasion for myself. I decided I am going to buy a new outfit and schedule a hair appointment, because it’s an obligation for such an event, am I right?

This year I wanted to do something different, something that does not involve sparkles, sequins and or anything in that array of fabric. I want to wear a bold color, something that really stands out. That had me thinking, I hardly ever wear Red, being that color really washes me out, so this Red needs to be a color that is going to be flattering… Which will be a challenge but challenge accepted. I have a few ideas rolling. However, I really am feeling inspired to try something different this year. Go bold, go beyond!


What are your plans for NYE?? What are you going to wear? I’d love to know what could possibly be trending.




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  1. Jose
    December 16, 2016 / 4:38 am

    I’m throwing a classy NYE Party, only the boldest will attend….

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