Booty Poppin’

Jeans. They can be a pain, no matter your size or shape. However, when it comes to jean shopping for myself, it’s usually a 99.9% miss. In this rare moment of occasion I happen to come across this adorable booty poppin’, leg struttin’ jeans that compliment every curve and bump on the body. Not to mention the texture of these jeans, they’re finally DENIM! Not stretch for thanksgiving meal days, or sweat material, they’re D-E-N-I-M.

After realizing how flattering they were I could not pass these babies up. They are everything I want in a jean right now.

  • Black
  • Front buttons
  • Frayed bottoms
  • Skinny

Let’s just take a moment… … … … … … …


I am on the train right now for frayed pants and have been for quite sometime and by sometime I mean I could not find any well-fitting jeans with frayed bottoms, so I began to DIY all my pants because I was so intrigued with this look. It compliments my style much more. Quite edgy, dark, character, etc. I love it!

I am over the perfect cut style or folding the bottoms, It’s a little to clean for my taste. So, damaged jeans are in full swing right now. Thank you fashion and Free People for making this beautiful decision.

This particular style also comes in a variety of colours. I highly recommend you checking them out, here.

These jeans in particular are honestly the most comfortable pair  I’ve ever squeezed into. The denim is soft, they have a good enough stretch and they can be paired with ANYTHING. Oh, not to mention, the price for being Free People is killer- $80. EIGHTY DOLLARS friend. I was taken at the front button but I definitely knew I could not pass up these jeans with the price.

Kiss clean-cut goodbye and welcome the near year with some rad new edginess to your style. It speaks numbers without needing to accessories your body head to toe.





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