Paige//Paige Denim

Sometimes, you just need a break from being all fancy and such, especially on a day like today. Where it’s cold, with random snow everywhere from last night’s storm… so the last thing you want to do is be wearing stilettos. Today, I am feeling like a lazy bug! This a perfect go-to outfit for wanting to be chic, yet completely comfy as can be.

First off, let’s talk about this killer zip up hoodie. It’s so basic, but has a thunder bolt smack right on the back. WHAT?! It does remind me of Harry Potter, which i’m not mad about at all.

Gryffindor for the win~

Number 2, Paige Jeans. If you do not own a pair, you’re missing out. These babies are actually denim material not stretchy jegging, however, you would never have guessed when they are on. Ugh, it’s seriously being in PJ’s all day. CANNOT COMPLAIN! && of course, pairing the most comfy top from Paige as well. Seriously, Paige will hook it up, literally Paige from Paige boutique on pearl hooks it up! She has a great selection of Paige jeans; these are actually from there, also the top and jacket. It’s pretty convenient!! I’m never let down at that boutique.

Then, without even forgetting about the shoes, and no I did not leave these over night on a tree stump from a  photoshoot… and went back coming to find them still there. So we most definitely cannot forget about these beauties. I have such a soft spot for sock booties. I prefer the leather look, since it can dress up anything, this being my lazy bug look, ehm. They trek through that snow and are water resistant. WINNING. Thanks Topshop for your fabulous designers.

Aca-cessories. Yup, I just went there!! Keep it simple. That’s the main goal for this comfy-lazy look. You truly do not need to try hard with accessories at all, since you have pieces that are already making statements. I kept it extremely simple and wore my reading glasses. Then, without hesitation, slim grey hoops were the answer to complete this look.

PS. If you are not a bootie person at all, runners are perfect for being street-chic. I have all angels covered for ya girlfriend. Do not fret!


Actual Sweatshirt/ Paige Boutique On Pearl


Actual Jeans/ Paige Boutique On Pearl


Actual top/ Paige Boutique On Pearl








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