I Can See Clearly Now…

Let me share with you a back up story before I get into this. I was given a beautiful pair of Dsquared italian ONE OF A FREAKING KIND frames from a friend. I seriously could not and still cannot believe I lost them. I was in a middle of a move and bam, gone. After that heart breaking moment I had to endure, I decided since I am a broke young adult, I cannot be spending heaps on eye glasses. Not yet atleast. Coming to that conclusion, I started to check on Pinterest some cute frame shapes and frames in general.

Dreams do come true. I stumbled across this website called EyeBuyDirect.com which you can actually speedy quick find that here. I absolute fell in love with this website since it meets my needed budget friendly requirements.

  • Affordable frames
  • Ability to plug in prescription, so no hassle of going to your eye doc.
  • upload a photo of your face to see what frames are flattering
  • shipping is keen as well.

With all these positivities, I decided to risk it, plug in my info and waiting VERY patiently to get the babies.

Once received, I first thought the packaging was adorable and the glasses themselves were even more cute. However, I was trying out a new shape and low and behold I was extremely hesitant. You know since are our worst critics, I wanted to cry but I needed to relieve myself from eye aches, I told myself to just try it out.

Days after trying them, I’ve never been given so many compliments on something I was not even 100% sure about. With all the wonderful feedback, I decided what the heck. Clearly they are not that bad or else I wouldn’t be given so much positivity.

Thus, I have decided I want to share my secret… even though it isn’t but seems every time I tell everyone where I have bought them from, they have never heard of it so… I’m telling you, EyeBuyDirect will have your back, but in this case; eyes. 



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