Titles, jobs, cars, designer brands, latest and greatest technology, etc etc. All good things! But, they also can be bad things as well.

I look at majority of materialistic items as poison. Yes, they have their pro’s, don’t get me wrong however, idolatry, consumption and worth can become such a bloody major factor and without those “things” you cannot function.

I say this because I’ve been here time and time again. Going through multiple spiritual and wallet cleanses, you’d think I’d understand my own information but then realization came about and WHAM, hit me at the exact right moment.

Things of this world, especially materialistic items are temporary. When we put in our minds that once we have that “fill in the blank” we will be happy because you will finally be satisfied, is a complete and utter lie. How do you get your happiness, satisfaction, worth or even identity in something that breaks, is last weeks news, or as I said, even temporary. That’s kind of silly when you truly think about it. When you obsess over something that is not even going to last longer than a certain time period, why invest in it so much? Why wrap your identity into something that will only cause you pain. Even in the end because it won’t be good enough, after x amount of time. There is SO much more to life than having the nicest, or even latest and greatest stuff. Exactly, stuff.

Hear me out again, I am not bashing on the talent of what man has made but I want to share how wasteful we humans can be when true richness is not from stuff but from above. Jesus, The One, who became sin whom new no sin, gave His life for us to have eternity life with Him in a place filled with riches and loving relationships that will be forever and not just that one-week. You will be eternally grateful, fulfilled and happy by being in the great scandalous presence of The Holy One. I would take the riches of eternity over man-made stuff any day because logically it just makes more sense and spiritually it is soul fulfilling. There’s a reason why things of this earth are temporary. It seems to me that the big man up above really does know what’s going on.

I am so grateful for realizations like this. To know that I am and probably will have a life-time of struggle in this area of life, but it’s only because I am tenting in my flesh that is of the world. When in fact, my spirit is in the world thus being is by the grace of God I am a Daughter of Christ, a Co-air of His kingdom and that is SO much better than worrying about when that next upgrade on my that phone is or getting the newest car. Life is a lot better when simplicity is a priority.



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