Go Green

Fabrics are what usually get me, since I am a touchy-feely kind of person. On a deeper level, leathers and suedes make me weak in the knees. Seriously. 

My dear friend and fabulous photographer who shot this photoshoot, decided why not go to a green house since the outfit seemed to tie perfectly with the colours… uh, ok. Never would have thought to collaborate with a green house, but wine not. I mean, why not. sorry it’s wine Tuesday. && spring is around the corner, perfect timing. 

Leathers and suedes can be tricky but also can be a tolerable look. Being sophisticated yet completely trendy at the same time. Specifically, these leather Olive leather shorts give me life. The bow-tie belt so cute! And the fact they’re not skin tight, they add some-what laid back tom-boy look as well.

My go-to faux suede jacket is obviously a win since it is a piece that can be paired with pretty much anything. Thus; a given.

But let’s talk about my sweatshirt. Me being almost Martha Stewart crafty, I decided to make the sweatshirt because WTHN? Why The heck Not? Easy enough, bought a solid colour sweatshirt, ironed on some letters and bam. A one-of-a-kind piece baby. Except for the ones I made for a few of my friends… haha so join the club!

As TopShop always comes through, they most definitely came through with these shoes. Acca-mazing. Yeah, I just went there. Super cute, super trendy and super fabulous, I mean come on. What’s not to like about these? (I hope you caught my sarcasm) but in all honesty, these booties are perfect to compliment my mix-match fabric blend look. PS. they’re very versatile too, so when in doubt… bootie it out!!


Jacket// ASTR

Sweatshirt// DIY


Shorts// Zara

Booties// TopShop




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