Pants… At A Time Like This

Sometimes it is necessary to wear bottoms, especially when in public but when I am in my house, NO PANTS is a rule, at least for me!


Pantalones, trousers, bottoms whatever you feel the need to say, they are a must on this trip. Remember, traveling overseas means light packing which means I need to choose my clothing choices wisely. I LOVE denim and always will. But when you shove it in a backpack, it can add some serious weight my friend. BUMMER TOWN, am I right? But luckily I can make this decision easy.

A pair of light and dark blue denim, bam done. At the moment my continuous love for mum shorts is on a high already and will forever be I think. Also, I’ve been obsessing over low rise shorts that are more baggy. So a boyfriend short I guess you could call it? It has such a relaxed classic look.


Pants. I am thinking about bringing my favorite black pair of jeans from Saba, which can be found here. Then my other pair are my FAVORITE JEANS EVER, my James Jeans. Everyone needs a pair of JJ’s in their life. But I’m serious, they fit in all the right places and are such great quality with a great price following, which you can also find here!! You can never go wrong with a pair of dark denim jeans.

When it comes down to bottoms though, you really can re-wear bottoms a lot of the time since no one ever said you couldn’t re-wear pieces. With denim though, they go with everything you can imagine, dressed up or down, denim will save the day. You can never have enough denim is what I am saying but when it comes to traveling you can… stupid extra costs can apply and if you feel the need to pay an extra $100 go for it. And no, I am not speaking from personal experience on my past overseas trip flying United. I mean come on!!!

That pretty much concludes my bottom takes for my travels friends. Stay tuned for part 3!


To be continued…





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