Gallop On

As I take in my surroundings and just the past year of my life, I have come to notice something very positive. I usually complain about my generation and just how lazy we are because I can’t agree more how we are the generation of entitlement. We are also the generation of instant gratification. We have so much access to life and what it can offer but sometimes we’re too lazy to go for it. It’s a sink or swim world and it seems like we’d much rather float at times.

Ever heard of that quote, “the world is your oyster” well again, couldn’t agree more. There is a whole world out there that should be seen. With the access we have and the technology of nowadays, youd think everyone would skip the mundane American lifestyle and explore.

However, I am very grateful to be born in a time of where creativity is limitless. Skills are able to be shown and worked on. Thinking outside the box is acceptable. And taking the non-worldly path is more-so ok. It allows us “fly by the seat of our pants” personalities to not feel so trapped. We can explore pretty much this whole life we are given however we want, when we want.

At times, I do wish I could have the mundane lifestyle but hear me out, I’m also not bashing on that choice. The fact of the matter is, my personality is too ADHD to stay in one place. Once I tasted the other side of the worlds water, I’ve wanted to try other waters as well. And with the choices I have made, I get to enjoy life with others whom are like-minded. It makes me more at ease about my choices and helps me not think I’m not that crazy! 

Righto, I’m in a place where wifi is limited, food is expensive, drinks are expensive, and money is tight. But you know what? That’s ok! It’s been challenging yet tolerable in so many ways. I get to embrace my surroundings more fully than I would if I had all those other distractions. Making do with what you have is more of an adventure than heaps of access or having it be easy.

Enjoy the ride, enjoy the struggle, find the beauty within the pain because the outcome is so unknown, be ready for whatever comes. You’re stronger than you think and 100% you can get back up on that horse. 

Gallop on, friend. 



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  1. mary white
    May 26, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    how does the word “responsibility” fit into this perspsective

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