Streets Of Pons

Recently a few girlfriends I met here had a going-away celebration for a friend of ours and it happen to take place in this very small peculiar area called Ponsonby
Our first stop was a place called Miss Moonshines for brunch, that ended up being lunch since our arrival time. We ended up getting apps and drinks because it’s so damn expensive!! We all cannot afford life at the moment, so we made it work😜 

 Help me I’m poor.

Later on we decided to walk around some streets since it was a beautiful day. 

While walking on the streets I’ve come to notice that New Zealand shopping areas have no rhyme or reason. Anything you need… it’s there, literally. Every other store seemed to be exotic dancing and adult “clothing” stores. It’s quite interesting and really revolting. But despite all that uncomfortableness, I managed to find some beauty within these streets!! 


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