Rangi Adventure

According to heaps of Kiwi’s and google, Rangitoto is a MUST-SEE place. Essentially, it is a island that is also a volcano (not active)

The views were spectacular. The hike was, well not a hike but a great way to start the morning! There’s no service, so it ‘s a wonderful getaway spot that is only a 30 min ferry ride from the main pier in Auckland city. I went on my own for this last minute quick trip, but would recommend going with others just to have company. There are also caves you can explore which has such a magical feeling to it. As you walk to the caves, you walk through a forest-like trail and you really think you’re in Lord of the Rings… but really I could be Frodo, since I am smaller than small.

Anyway, I snapped some shots to share with you all. Enjoy xx.


I believe this was my first time riding a ferry, which was quite boring actually.


These paths do not look too appealing, however, when you go up a bit of ways you run into heaps of volcanic rocks all piled up everywhere. Incredibly interesting.



From the bottom it was about an hours walk, if that. Then, you run into this sign and it shows you into the next destination.

19399070_1779708112319833_775153776513886863_nThank goodness for these rails. There was no where to sit.


View was pretty good!


7am awkward photo shot. yayyyyyyy


The lighting was bad since it was changing so much with the clouds. But this view was of the city you can hardly see thru the haze.


THANK GOODNESS for these markers or else I would have been lost forever.


Legit felt like I was in Lord of the Rings about to get spooked my Gollum…


Very interesting leaves growing out of some tree trunks.


Ok let’s talk about these caves really quick. They were pitch black, I didn’t have my flashlight on me so I couldn’t walk thru them. CREEPY creepy, cobwebs everywhere. but the fact there are caves on an island that is a volcano as well, is impressive.

All in all, this trip had beautiful scenery. However, if you don’t make it here it’s not a loss. You can find many other places with spectacular views like this.




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