Weekend Getaway


IM BACK!!! It’s been too long. But finally, I have a computer!! I have so much filed in my brain, it’s hard to type at the moment. So I am just going to share something simple and easy for ya (:

Over the weekend, I went on a girls trip up to the North-East side of Auckland. I was able to see New Zealand for what is really was for. The beauty of New Zealand is beyond the words I have. All I have to say is, no wonder why they would film movies here. Green screens can never capture this, not even a camera… Thank you Jesus.

(FYI all these places are a must-see whenever you visit)

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  • As we were climbing up the mountain, fog started to appear.

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  • Cliffside in Whitianga


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  • Cathedral Cove

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  • Closed out little shack

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  • Waikato mountain walk


  • Kaori tree ARE MASSIVE; fun fact: native tree to New Zealand and they are actually dying away. 

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  • Waikoto Beach

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  • Some random valley of green hills that we frolicked on (:


This trip for sure goes down in the books. Thank you for a lovely weekend girls, cheers!




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